Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bells Mountain Bike Team Party Promo


Anonymous said...

I doubt the cyclist/motorist was adhering to proper speed limits in the beginning. There is no way he could of avoided hitting a cyclist with that rude manner of driving. Tisk tisk, and look at the improper lane usage as cyclists. Funny, they drove up that road like a bunch of coked-up-republican right winged Christian Conservatives and now they are driving on it? Preposterous! I also noticed they were riding on wet trails, thats not good. Contributing to erosion and wrecking the natural habitat. OH and their music? My so vulgar! And did you see? Did you see the beer they were putting in the water bottles? Surely it affected their judgment on the muddy eroded trail. They probably harmed many forest animals while negligently biking. They need to be reprimanded. They also have to make sure they get a hotter girl for the video, all that spandex revealed many nights out drinking and negligently consuming beef products in quantity.

Evil Clint

incognito said...

Who cares about all that, I liked it. Wish there were a team like that here in town.