Monday, October 13, 2008

Bicycles, sidewalks don't mix well

Seems we have a lot of confusion when it comes to this here.

And the situation can only get worse as more people turn to cycling to save money and the environment

Few people would argue that bicycles and people on foot are not a dangerous mix – except those cyclists who apparently believe city sidewalks intended for pedestrians also belong to them.

And not without reason; cyclists never finish first in collisions with vehicles and are justifiably fearful of a fast-moving truck, inches from their handlebars. They are run down, maimed and killed with frightening efficiency.

Sidewalks amount to a safety zone for cyclists, offering a buffer from menacing traffic.

But after a Sept. 22 Fixer column about a 69-year-old "raging granny" who refuses to yield the sidewalk to cyclists who won't ride in bike lanes created for them, we've been deluged with comments, many from seniors who feel equally menaced by fast-moving handlebars just inches from their elbows. read more here


beardsarefun said...

i like the statement made in a previous post that when you ride on the sidewalk, you arent viewed as a fast moving object and are more prone to a car turning into you since they arent watching out for you. Plus, sidewalks have curbs, trash cans, cars not all the way in their driveway... all sorts of obstacles. I do understand why old ladies dont want bikes on the sidewalks...damn whippersnappers.

Anonymous said...

Sidewalks are fun. Especially if your using them for ramps an wanting to live dangerously. I love riding on sidewalks, really, It's more of an adventure. For urban riders like me, sidewalks are a staple of the urban cycling experience. Pedestrians make nice obstacles too, I like to ride over their feet, reminds me of roots on the trails on montesano.


the milkman said...

I agree with you Anony. My preference is to ride very close to storefronts. Just last week I collided with a customer exiting Star Market. He was carrying groceries or something stupid and I hurt my shin riding over his torso. He did however crack his head on the sidewalk and began to bleed perfusely. I stopped riding to go to him and lap up some of the blood. Another customer, upon seeing me in this action, began to scream wildly. I thereupon kicked her over and over again in the shins and when she hit the ground I shifted my aim to her kidneys. Then I got back on my bike and ran over her neck. I mean gees, what a crazy lady! MY shins are fine-- NOW.
I also want to say that the city should pour concrete or something over the sidewalks on the downtown square. Those old fashioned bricks will most definately damage my frame when I ride over them at warp speed.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Yeah, keep cycling free! Thats right!

We had a similar instance in bike polo, some crazy folks want rules, then it got serious and sooper competitive. Testosterone oozed from pores and penis heads. The field beCAME very slippery, and salty. People started bleeding, but just the vaginas. Polo all of a sudden got like a bitch fest. Some of the skilled players, like me and Marcie just started annhiliating the rule-abiders, which made them as mad as republicans at mcain for choosing palin as his runningmate.

Bikes are fun, they are made to be ridden over people, they are literally "machines of death" whereby innocent people become chopped liver in their path.

jim bo bobarino

the milkman said...

Yeah uhhhh, bike polo rules?

jesus hussein christ said...

Lets play polo on the sidewalks. No rules last person standing!!! Marcie gets my vote as best polo player ever! lets have her in the hall of fame!