Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Right-Wingers Celebrate Increase in Bicycle Accidents

From Alter Net

A few days ago my 13-year old son excitedly showed me the new bumpersticker he got for this bike. It’s a picture of Barack Obama with the word “believe,” designed to stick in the spokes. Cool!

A few days later I read in my local alternative weekly here in Minneapolis that a local right wing website announced that an increase in bike deaths on the streets might mean fewer Obama voters come election day. Cruel!

A bad joke, I thought, until I looked up the blog and saw that it was illustrated with photos of cars plowing into and presumably killing a group of bicyclists. The photos look authentic (even if they were faked), which makes this more than a sick joke. It’s almost a provocation for motorists to mow down bicyclists, since they are a no-good bunch of liberals anyway.

Thinking about this, on top of the shouts of "Kill Obama" and "Off with his head" heard at recent Sarah Palin rallies, worries me. There’s an element in American society -- even here in Minnesota, which has the longest record of voting Democratic for president of any state -- that can’t seem to accept most of their fellow citizens no longer share their right-wing views. And perhaps never did.

What will they do if Obama wins on November 4? I hope that it’s nothing more than mean-spirited humor.


ash said...

Disgusting. These must be the people responsible for electing idiots like Michele Bachmann.
Those pictures are apparently real, and from a horribly unfortunate accident in Mexico. To even hint at the loss of innocent lives being beneficial to the presidential race is appalling. These are the people who see their conservative Christian selves as being more American than the rest of us!!! Who knows what will come of this hate when Obama is elected?!?

Anonymous said...

Well, miss know it all, let me tell you about your precious o'sama oops I mean Baracade Hussein. Barracade Barack as we like to call him has been responsible for blocking legislation on laws geared toward empowering the hampster people. Yeah you know who I'm talking about, those little furry guys on the wheels, oh oh, think it's funny, well seems to me that we may as well be lemmings because he will round up all of us and cook us! Id rather drown!

McCain loves furry creatures (just look at his little wife, she is actually an anorexic chipmunk) and Palin cant aim well enough to shoot us so we aren't worried, plus she is killing wolves, which are our number one predator dontch kno?

No seriously though, there is an epidemic of hate that I am seeing that is being perpetuated by the ignorance of the Christian extremists. I for one, love JC, he's a nice guy, he would never hit a cyclist. I know this for a fact, he told me, he said "jimbo, the DMV will not let me get a license because they say my birth date is invalid, reads something like 0001, 2041, and I was once reborn in 1984, but I killed myself because of Regan. So point is jimbo, I can never drive legally, so I'm riding a bike. This whole resurrection thing is getting tiresome as well, so I think ill sit a few millenniums out." So see, JC is all about riding a bike, says its a lot like the broom, the magic carpet and the camel rolled into one.

Hopefully this epidemic disease of religious extremism will end one day and we can all live without the need to believe in anything but the love we share together being of this wonderful and beautiful planet.


ash said...

i love you.

clintpatty said...

The first part of that reply was sounding like conspiracy theories about Obama pushed by neocons on emails and with some support on Fox News. The worst part is it gets believed without evidence. I'm not going to hate on anyone for not supporting Obama, but I will for doing it for make believe reasons.

Michael Scott said...

Not pushed by "neocons" pushed by republicans and with lots of support and airtime from fox.