Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I got say just enjoy!


clintpatty said...

time for Americans to unite regardless of who you voted for

Anonymous said...

I would love to just enjoy, but I'm surrounded by conservative zealots at my workplace. It would have been nice to have some folks to celebrate with, but instead I ended up having a fierce argument with my boss about the election. Everyone where I work is so glum as if their favorite football team lost a game over the weekend.

Fortunately, I found a handful of like minded Obama people with whom I could share my excitement, but they are way down the hall from me. The right wingers share cubicle walls with me.

I guess I expected to be able to quietly bask in the glory of a brand new day knowing that I voted and helped elect a president that I believe in. Nope! Instead, I was put on the defensive. The whole thing has gotten me really bummed.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear "President Elect Barak Obama" I cry. For those in your office, they are the past and we are the future. Be happy celebrate.

Anonymous said...

This makes me want to wear those tacky american flag t shirts... perhaps there will be a new industry for patriotic clothing??