Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thursday City Council

City Council will vote on $5000.00 budget for 75 Share the Road signs Thursday night @ 6pm. While this is a nice step I hope this is not a cheap band aid for a much bigger problem. @ People have died in the last 6 months. That works out to 2500 per person. So putting 75 signs up and not educating an incredibly undereducated public is somewhat troubling to me. Think about it this way when you see the pedestrian sign around public housing, schools etc... Do you slow down?

Education Education Education!!!!


The Milkman said...

Well yes, I actually do slow down and look around. But the whole education thing is what makes the signs work in the first place. Don't get me wrong. The signs are great, but anyone on city council who thinks 75 signs and 3 bike racks is all this city needs to make Huntsville "safe" for cyclist, pedestrians, and motorists is setting themselves up to be very disappointed. We may as well just spend the entire budget on a nice, shiny plaque stating we're the new Portland.

EDUCATION(which IS, granted ALSO signs) should be the next focus for the council to throw their budget over. I'm thinking fliers and maps, bumper stickers (yes, that's right- I mean we're really talking to people who are not on bikes yet), and more PSA's. That is my personal focus and I know the bike committee is doing stuff that is really important, but we are not all on the committee and I think everyone with common sense can contribute a little to the cause of distributing basic info where it's needed without stepping on anyone's toes and without breaking the bank. This is my personal focus and for what it's worth I'll continue to distribute info to those who need it most, which is basically everyone.

G.S.D.N. Bitches! G.S.D.N.