Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vintage Ride Tonight

The original & true (un-affiliated with SCCC) vintage & cruiser bike club is having their 2nd annual Vintage Bike Ride during the Twickenham luminary tour tomorrow night (sat) including stops at each home on the tour. Tickets for the home tour are available at the door (among other places). Not sure the cost but my guess is $15 range. (for whole tour).

Bikes need good safety lights. Decorations & decorative, festive lights highly recommended. Remember that cars will not be using their normal lights, only their fog lights-- so lights are especially important!

Bring out your sparkliest, prettiest, winter solstice-celebrating decor (also known as Christmas decorations for members of the christian persuasion or Hanukkah or... I think, most every culture and religion has some form of winter solstice celebration). However, there will be no condoned preying or praying. And hopefully will be jerk-free. Cynics ok, though.

Last year was fun. Coat recommended-- suitable for riding & waiting in ticket or entry line.

This event may be too low key (i.e. boring) for some.
RSVP for further details.

Ride does not connote anything other than an announcement, so no need to read anything else into it.

(Irene) Nolen Clark
The Original and True Vintage Bike Tourer


Anonymous said...

The "original & true club"???
Is there anyone left in that one but you? Last I heard, everyone was shunned and deemed SCCC fodder. hmmm.
Good luck with that.