Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Want to know why you are fat?

Knoxville, TN -- There's evidence of a link between obesity and the way people get to work and get around in general.

The research illustrates the health benefits of regular biking, walking or taking public transportation to work, school or shopping.

The study authors say the least amount of obesity shows up in countries with the highest levels of active transportation use.

In the U.S. where only 12 percent use active transportation, 25 to 33 percent of people are obese.

By comparison, 67 percent of commuters in Latvia, 62 percent in Sweden and 52 percent in the Netherlands either walk, bike or use mass transit. Latvia's obesity rate is 14 percent, the Netherlands' is 11 percent and Sweden's is 9 percent.

YOUR TAKE: Are you willing to bike to work? If it's too far, would you take the bus?

The Top 3 Most Obese States are:
West Virginia


Tyler said...

Hey we are near the top of the list for once

Anonymous said...

my fat? your fat? you are fat? you're fat? Maybe we should make Spanglish our national language, since 'merikans dunno hour Enrish two gud.

Dunkin Doughnut said...

Maybe you should ride your bike instead of correcting peeps yo!

clintpatty said...

I don't see how using mass transit keeps obesity away very well. Plus I don't notice mass transit users in Huntsville being particularly not obese.

Bello Velo said...

Because in most places that have full time mass transit people tend to walk more and use other means of transport other than a car or truck.

notjursoulbro said...

peeps, lurn 2 wrekonize humor, even whin etts true. langawidge is heelarisous. 3 xample, " I don't notice mass transit users in Huntsville being particularly not obese" gotta lub that. he's write, right, and funny. local mass transportation peeps have too much mass too. Sum peeps smile at woids, some at mismatched bike cumponents, whatever little dude boy. wrap dat. njoi nE humor u can. litten ups adn smile da day a way.

Bello Velo said...

So are you saying clint is a comedian? He always seems so serious to me:) I am laughing now as we type though.

Igotdablues said...

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Anonymous said...

LOL blue balls is this to convince us that you have balls or are you aching so for all of ours if so back off literally. BTW neutering saves lives maybe yours

Anonymous said...

no it's all just one batshit crazy lady who sits at home on the computer and never really rides a bike.
has balls??
don't wanna know!