Friday, January 16, 2009

Alert Shirt order

I will be placing an order with Alert Shirt later. I currently have a shirt, a vest, and gloves from them. They have the standard ANSI lime and orange shirts. All the reflective strips are 3M Scotchlite, which is the best reflective stuff, better than Nathan. There are also shirts more appropriate for recumbent riders. There is a mesh 4X vest for $15 that is good for wearing over a backpack/messenger bag, especially on the Arsenal; it will fit over packs that the 'one size fits all' will not. Note that for road riders on the drops there is no reflective material at the bottom like Nathan, so that may not be as good. There is also a set of traffic directing gloves with stop signs on the palms and ANSI lime reflective arrows on the other side with rectangles on the fingers. These are really nice for wearing over cycling gloves and making the turn signals more visible, especially at night. Check the clearance items too. So let me know if you want to order anything, at least before the end of this month. I'm not trying to make any money off of this, just save everyone some on shipping.

I'm not trying to push any agenda with this either. It may help avoid a wreck. It helps with being noticed by distracted drivers. The ANSI colors are designed and proven to be about the most attention grabbing colors you can get. So this is an opportunity to help motorists see you better even though they should be anyway if you don't already have similar clothing.