Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BASC Meeting today

The Bicycle and Safety Committee meets today!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Anyone have a list of who is one this committee, both govt reps and reg. citizens?

Is the location and time a kept secret?

clintpatty said...

I don't have a complete list. The time and location is not kept secret, but I'm not sure where it is. The general public is not invited to the meetings, though. Sometime this winter or spring there will be meetings of the citizens of the committee with bicycling citizens at large on what to present at the meetings and such.

clintpatty said...

with your inquires, concerns, comments, and constructive input as an initial step to keep us all united and up to date on these happenings

BASC member

Teresa said...

Here are the citizen reps of BASC:)

Sasha Riffle-bike commuter
Peter Hannah-bike commuter
Teresa Fitzpatrick-bike commuter
Tim Barnack-Sorba,bike commuter(+?)
Jamie Mernick-Alabike+
Marjorie Holderer+
David Stone-League of American Cyclist+
+=additional CLUB affiliation

Teresa has an email to address legitimate questions and concerns.

Teresa said...

Oh yeah,

The city reps are not a secret, but they may shift depending on agenda. We are the community reps for y'all so...If it's cool to post the city reps they will do so on a link on the city page when that gets done...hopefully sooner than spring! I will however ask if it's cool with them to post and if so, I will. I am awaiting word about access to their(IT)tech. The official "working" meetings are not open to the public, but the public reps of BASC are getting organized and amongst other goals are working on creating an open monthly community meeting. Hopefully within the next couple of month's. The "working" meetings happen at city hall always, they are once a month and we schedule the next at the end of each session, but we don't always meet in the same location, or the same date ea. month every time, at least not yet. I hope this clears up some of the current elusiveness.