Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vintage Ride Sunday

This is either the new vintage ride or the new original vintage ride, either way get off your ass and ride

HSV Middle School on Adam Street (behind California Park on California Street-- nearest major intersection is Lowe).

All bikes welcome. This is a great time to pull out your vintage or cruiser bike and go for a fun, conversationally slow and short ride around the downtown area.

Tomorrow's ride starts at HSV Middle School and goes North-- off to see the carved bear tree. Later socializing-- maybe Old Towne coffee, Star Market, Sonic or some place near by. You may head back or stay as long as you wish. (bring pocket money)

Kids are welcome too-- but need to be street safe (or in a trailer or attached bike seat). Helmets on those 17 and under.

Hope you will join us for some cycling fun. Please, spread the word & bring your friends.


Anonymous said...

I lol'd.

eff you see kay u said...

This ride has not been approved by the "senior citizens cycling cops" please wear appropriate underwear.

Anonymous said...

YES! T-Shirts for sure! Ya gotta! It was my first thought on the pic too.

Bello Velo said...

ok working on it

Anonymous said...

really, we should gift these t-shirts to the city council and mayor, and hand them out to everyone who attends council regularly. I think mrs reed would get a kick out of seeing her face on a shirt.

Jackie Reed said...

I am not buying shit for the city what's wrong with you??

Tyler said...

nice we need to get stickers of this and put them on everything

inc123 said...

It's the new old original future and past vintage and cruiser bike ride, of course.

inc123 said...

Can we have t-shirts that say, We're old and cranky?

Anonymous said...

Bring underwear or wear underwear? and do we wear our underwear, under what? our wear?

Who invited the granny cops anyway?

Isn't a chamois (chamoiooses?) underwear anyway?

I'll volunteer to check compliance of male riders but find someone else to check on the females.

Jackie sez said...

God Damn no wonder this town was built on so many bad ideas!!! You guys are lame!!!!

Leave town or Jackie will take care of you.

And speak into the microphone!!!