Saturday, February 28, 2009

$5000 for share the road sign and $550,000 for disc golf

I guess the Disc Golf people have a committee also maybe a sub sub committee and a very effective lobby.

stay positive sheep:)

New additions to serve Huntsville, Madison border

A new dog park and an 18-hole disc golf course are coming soon to a park near the border of Huntsville and the city of Madison.

The announcement was made Thursday night at the Huntsville City Council meeting. read more here


john 3:16 the excuser said...

you don't understand how government works!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is not Iowa dumbass.

Leela the Kid said...

wow, so i hate this so much. i love dogs, i love parks, i love swings for handicapped kids - who doesn't? but disc golf?! why are we putting in infrastructure so huntsville can be a hypothetical stop on the booming disc golf tournament circuit when out city won't allocate funds or take quick action to make the streets safer for the people who actually live here and (not hypothetically)use them.

Anonymous said...

Great more dirty hippies stealing my oxygen.

Dick golf is a gateway sport to golf.

I was joking, it's not a sport.

allcyclingisgood said...

I want a cycling park that includes dirt, trials, BMX, velodrome, AND a restroom & education /classroom area. Radical? Maybe, cyclign is MORE popular than frisbee & yes, it does draw in big bucks. There isn't cycling park anywhere near here but there already was a frisbee center and a dog park. (I love the dog park). Couldn't that 1.2M have included a portapotty for the skate park & dog park on Cleveland? Why do people think a cycling park would detract from cycling safety? Two different budgets & obviously Parks & Rec has more money than cycling morbidity prevention. Frisbee anyone? I wonder when we'll get a ping-pong park, that's obscure, yet an Olympic sport.

Bello Velo said...

No one has said it would detract from cycling safety (should be public safety) . To create another car centered activity is not the idea from where I sit. I guarantee people will drive to it. I would like safe roads etc... so maybe it's just a matter of priority.

As far as budgets maybe they are not convinced yet?

I want to commute and I think that is what the others are focused on I hope.

There is a Velodrome outside of Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this was funded by Huntsville people. In fact, the article states that the check for 550,000 was presented by the Madison county commissioner. I don't know maybe that's a lie!

Anonymous said...

Opps!!! I meant not funded by Huntsville. It still sucks! Oh, and so does Huntsville!

inc123 said...

Kids skate to the skate park.

Cyclists might just ride to the cycling park, but nevertheless, I hope cyclists can encourage all kinds of cycling & let people start where they may. A kid learning cycling in a park is more likely to grow up to be a cycling commuter than one who sits home with his Wii, probably?

I can see why mountain bikers need to ride to a mountain-- most mnt bikes aren't appropriate as climbing for people who valuable their knees. I don't think that makes them less of a cyclist. Just not my preference.

I'd like to see more people try cycling in the form of their choice. I hope they like it and endorse it, and I hope that it lends itself to greater awareness, more respect, safer roads, and a green world.

Let's not polarize cycling & cyclists any more than it already is. Together we are a formidable group.

Bello Velo said...

"Kids skate to the skate park. "

Most are brought in mcmini vans from their mcmansions by their parents.

"Let's not polarize cycling & cyclists any more than it already is."

We can also disagree, not all ideas are good ones and I am not convinced that this is a good idea.

More cyclists on the road make for safer cycling and better communities. Visibilty!!!

inc123 said...

Fair enough!

Maybe I only notice the kids on skateboards heading that way-- kids in minivans just look like kids in minivans so I wouldn't really know where they were going.

Nope, we don't have to agree-- probably be too boring anyway!

Bello Velo said...

I will say the idea you all had about a multi use track velodrome & derby was fuckin brilliant!!!!

I just think mtn biking has already been represented $$$$ and the bmx should have been with the skatepark.

The velodrome and maybe a polo pit .....hmmmmmm.

Would it be a public park or would I have to pay?

BTW: if I have to pay your going to lose me:)

inc123 said...

Have you paid any attention to Eagle cycling park and velodrome in Idaho (or whatever the name is) the Ultimate cycling park (real all about it), then Boulder built a new park & velodrome, then other cities started announcing them, about every week I see a new one announced-- though none so grand as Idahos.

HSV usually doesn't charge for parks-- except maybe $2 for indoor swimming. If it were up to me, I'd have the velodrome a nominal fee & the rest free but I don't think thee is much support anyway.

Yeah, polo field would be grand.

I didn't mean that they should build something for mnt bikers in the park. I think Idaho has a plan / trail something to make them readily accessible to each other-- but that is geographically dependent.

I know HSV won't suddenly do an Idaho, but my dream was to set some land aside & take steps towards it. One of those dirt track/mogul things like in the video MOnday-- was my suggestion for a cheap starting place. I don't think Trials or BMX stuff would be too expensive. and add the parts to make a whole...

And having the park under Parks & Recs not roads & safety. I think cycling is the only sport which lacks a facility here...

starter links:

Planned velodrome and BMX park. This comprehensive multidiscipline bike park will be located at the Eagle, Idaho Sports Complex on 20 acres. The IVCP will include the venues of BMX, Four-Cross, Skills Terrain, Jump/Aerials Terrain, Short-Track MTB, Cyclo-Cross, and the cornerstone outdoor 333 meter concrete surface Cycling Track.

Video "monday" in is the the dirt track scene -- banked with moguls- not sure what that is called.

starts about minutes 3:30