Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bicyclists, cities look at proposal for sharrows

A new pavement marking that bicyclists hope drives home the message that motorists must share the road with them is on its way to central Arkansas.

It is known as the shared lane marking, or sharrow.

The marking, intended initially for qualified roadways popular with bicyclists, is chiefly designed to alert motorists that bicyclists may be on the road and signal to bicyclists their proper place on the road, said Casey Covington, an official with Metroplan, the long-range transportation agency for central Arkansas.

"Sharrows have been used on lower-speed urban roadways throughout the United States and have generally been accepted by bicyclists throughout the United States, and those in the engineering profession," he said. read more here


Tyler said...

I saw some of the new Share The Road Signs on Church Street this morning