Friday, February 13, 2009

Chicago Company Offers Bike Delivery of Sex Toys...

It really is a great country we live in!!!!! I think this could be huge here what do you all think???

From Treehugger

See, necessity really is the mother of invention...sort of. Anthony Mikrut got the idea for his small business the Kinky Llama at 3 a.m. one night/morning, when his girlfriend (he says) got a hankering for some sex aids. What they soon found out, as Mikrut told the Chicago Tribune on the video clip, is that ordering a pizza or even a beer delivery in the wee hours is easy. But ordering up sex toys is a bit more difficult. So Mikrut set himself up in business - crowding his apartment with shelves of sexy stuff. The sustainable twist is that Mikrut makes his deliveries to 27 Chicago zip codes in the dark of night (and of course, in daylight also) by his bike. Mikrut says 98% of his bike deliveries are to women, who don't seem to want to wait for gratification, while a nearly equal percentage of his mail-order is to men. Next day delivery of order is within one hour is an extra $5.

The Kinky Llama needs a trip to TreeHugger
Mikrut's idea is great - we need lots more local bike delivery services, which are essentially CO2 free on the delivery side. However, the Kinky Llama stocks mostly a run-of-the-mill assortment of 1,500 sex toys, videos, and accessories. They aren't so green, and tend to be encased in miles of plastic. Mikrut says he wants to eventually open an upscale sex toy boutique. It would be great if it could be more in the style of Love Me Naturally.


themilkman said...

If people keep stealing my ideas I'm gonna get pissed!