Monday, February 23, 2009

Planners on roll after summit toward making city bike-safe

Times Staff Writer
Battle hopes for wider shoulders, dedicated lanes and route signs

City transportation planners and bicycle advocates, fresh from a major bike summit in Louisville, Ky., plan to incorporate some of those bike safety ideas soon in Huntsville.

The Louisville summit shared the way that city brought cyclists, pedestrians and the motoring community together on projects that made it a nationally recognized, bicycle-friendly community. read more here


Anonymous said...

AWESOME. It's about time! Let's keep them accountable to see this through.

yomamma said...

Get these people moving already!!!!

There are enough members to paint this town, clean the streets and race nascars.

Is Sharon Baylor SCCC or Basc? Is SCCC Basc? I am confused.

Who speaks for us?

Who am I?

Anonymous said...

I know who you are.

It's always you.