Thursday, February 5, 2009

Those crafty PSA slides on public access

Not sure if anyone has seen the groundbreaking "SLIDES" on the public access channel but below is a review.

Dear "",

As I sit here watching Rachel Ray (The Joker) beat meat with a skillet. From time to time I change the channel and generally land on the public access channel.

I had no idea that the city has had so many problems with cyclist here. I see that your slides address this fringe group of outlaws. Your slide while taking place in a quiet country setting does exactly what it should do send these backward apes out in the country and not into the city streets.

The other slide is to "use bike paths where available". I really like this trick considering there is only one bike path and it is 500 hundred feet. Good job send these dead beats and hippies to a dead end street. That will show them!!!!

One of my favorites is the cartoon with how to put a helmet on. It shows that these are not really people but caricatures and if we hit them with our cars they will bounce back just like the roadrunner and coyote.

Lastly, you state in another slide that cyclist should use hand signals, well I have one for you, guess which one?

I also like the fact that while along with many others who participated in the filming of the two PSAs with "city officials" have not made the public access rotation while it was a complete waste of my time and everyone else's thanks again for driving that point home. I would much rather see static slides that communicate very little and give my antidepressants a chance to work.

I have now sold my useless bike and bought a brand new hummer so maybe you and I could hang out at the next monster truck show.


Anonymous said...

I spoke to rex the other day and he said they are contacting the managers of the local media outlets about getting some airtime for the psas.

Also, I think I know who the author is based on all the grammatical errors :)

Bello Velo said...

We have heard that one since October when they were completed.

As far as the grammatical errors I assume it is a wash considering your ineffectiveness with rex and the city.

thank you very little.

Sasha said...

I never watch television, so I never know if they are actually airing or not. Blake said that slides play more than 30 second P.S.As The PSAs only run 4 times a day, so it's nearly impossible to be tuned in at the right time. Maybe the slides need to be revised? I agree that showing slides in the country and useless bike paths are a waste. That could be something that is brought up at the next meeting.

Bello Velo said...

I have seen them 6 times, these are not the PSAs we all worked on. They are childish powerpoint slides. I would have assumed that before anything was released for the public, BASC would at least have seen them especially if they put the BASC name on it.

The question remains why won't they run the two PSAs that we all did?

Anonymous said...

why has the city not found the 3 minutes it takes to put them up on the website too? do we have to wait another month to get this answer?

Sasha said...

So, I emailed Bill Kling, and Trent Willis (not Tommy Battle). Trent, apparently works the "staff and communications" I told him that the hsvcity website needed to be updated, this was Trent's response:

"Thank you for contacting Mayor Tommy Battle and the City of Huntsville. I’ve made note of your request and will see that it happens by the next council meeting."

All my best,

Trent Willis

Chief of Staff & Communications

Mayor Tommy Battle

City of Huntsville

256.427.5006 (Office)

256.783.4117 (Cell)

Bello Velo said...

Cool!!! Thanks

Bello Velo said...

We could also email Blake about getting rid of those slides and running the PSAs on govacc.