Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Does Virgina Rep. Eric Cantor have something against bikes and bicyclists?

From Dan Casey's Blog

The picture to the left is that of Rep. Eric Cantor, R-Richmond, the House GOP whip.

Last week, the good congressman appeared on National Public Radio's morning news program, The Take Away, to criticize the federal stimulus plan.

Now, there are plenty of things to criticize in the stimulus plan. Probably 10,000 different things, in fact. Like more than $150 million in bonuses paid to the financial geniuses who led us into this mess.

But take a wild guess about what Cantor singled out as silly, stupid, and wasteful?

That's right ... bike paths and bike racks.

Here is what he said (h/t to S.D.)

"To give you just an example, $3 million went to the District of Columbia. You know what they did with that money? They’re going to go build bike paths, and they’re going to increase the number of bike racks in neighborhoods like Georgetown. I don’t think that that’s a stimulative move."

Far be it from me to tell Congress what's important and what's not.

But they're supposed to be listening to us. So if you have any views on the subject above, you can let Cantor, or your own district's representative, know here.

BTW, here is what League of American Bicyclists wrote about the subject:

It has been proven that dollar for dollar, bike infrastructure has a higher return on investment than road expansion. In fact, for every $1 million invested in an FHWA-approved paved bicycle or multi-use trail, the local economy gains 65 jobs.

That sounds like some smart stimulus to me.

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the milkman said...

Yeah, he doesn't think it's fair to "go back and point fingers" at the past administrations consecutive series of fiscal fuck-ups. You have to know he'd be the first in line to do so, but he can't because this administration doesn't have its head up its ass! He just wants to trudge along with the same old spending mentality.

This guy's reasoning is so typical of the reasons I hated being an American for the past eight years.

And it doesn't help that he's also a pederast. But, hey while he's showing us what it means to be a republican, I I I mean good American, why break precedent?

Listen to the audio at the end of the interview to the stumbled awkward silence when asked why he was at a Brittany Spears concert. And NO, his daughter was not brought along. It was indeed, not a family affair.

Peter said...

I work with people like this every day. They see themselves as practical and logical and think that Obama doesn't have a clue.

As far as bicycle infrastructure goes - well its a nice thing to have, but we really don't need it. I guess I could have this perspective too if the last time I was on a bike was when I was 13.

the milkman said...

Well said Peter. I agree with you completely. It's strange too with their type of attitude towards bicycle infrastructure, you think they would be more receptive; if only for the sake of their own children! who quite possibly are 13 and enjoying their Huffy right now. I can't imagine anyone telling their children, " it up today because you'll never have a chance with this thing in the 'real' world. - You'll have to leave your fantasyland when you get older."
But I guess that means they'd have to talk to their children, so there's really no hope.