Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jeff Sessions


Tyler said...

For what it's worth I have never voted for this asshole.
It's too bad we have so many fucking retards in Alabama

Bello Velo said...

Since he is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee we can expect the following: Block Obama's Supreme Court Nominee and Kill Civiil Rights for Gays.

Considering he has a record of hate and ignorance we know what's coming.

I miss Arlen Specter already!!!!

ash said...

I knew I didn't like the guy, but how the hell does anyone else?? How is he a senior member of anything other than his church or the KKK? Who keeps electing this douchebag?!

clintpatty said...

Ok this is no good. But where is any recent stuff on him? Did he used to be a racist and grow up? Or is he still? I'm not clear what he's saying on filibusters of democrat nominees. But if he shows that filibusters are ok for democrats but not republicans, then meh.

Anonymous said...

Senator Jeff Sessions is one of the leading (and loudest) voices against comprehensive immigration reform in the United States Senate. He unabashedly attacks immigration reform – and immigrants. In the Senate, Sessions takes every opportunity to denounce comprehensive immigration reform, often in incendiary terms. No wonder. Senator Sessions’ allies in the anti-immigration movement are confirmed hate groups, originating from the white nationalist mastermind, John Tanton. The leading GOP Senator on the Judiciary Committee has aligned himself with people and entities that bash immigrants and make hate a priority...

Anonymous said...

During the 1986 confirmation process, Sessions was accused of unfairly targeting black civil rights workers for election fraud charges as a federal prosecutor. A black lawyer under Sessions in the U.S. attorney’s office accused him of saying he thought the Ku Klux Klan was “OK” until he found out some of its members were “pot smokers.”

Sessions said the statement was meant as a joke and unfairly taken out of context.

But the confirmation process also revealed that Sessions had once called the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and the American Civil Liberties Union “un-American” and “communist-inspired.”

Anonymous said...

From 2005:
just when it seemed safe for Congressional Republicans to disagree with their extremist President, just when it seemed like there could be civil discourse again on issues of crucial importance, just when it seem like reason--not knee-jerk, reactionary jingoism and emotion--could return to federal governance, just when it seems like some sense of balance and sanity is creeping back into Republican politics, along comes an irresponsible clown--Alabama Republican Senator Jeff Sessions.

Now, I've never called any Republican lawmaker a wing-nut or any other pejorative common in leftie parlance. Childish, imprecise, name-calling does nothing to advance the cause of setting right all that's gone wrong with this country since Sept. 11th. But after Sessions' statements yesterday before the Senate Judiciary Committee, all kinds of loopy insults spring to mind.

Speaking in defense of the perpetual detention without charge of Guantanamo prisoners, Sessions not only falsely claimed that "This country is not systematically abusing prisoners" (when the same kinds of abuse happen at military facilities in three countries over a period of years "systematic" is exactly the adjective that fits), but Sessions went on to say of the Gitmo detainees, "Some of them need to be executed."

As far as I know Sessions has never heard a word of evidence against a single Gitmo detainee. He doesn't know what the detainees have or haven't done. He probably does not even know the name of even a single detainee. But there he is on the floor of the U.S. Senate calling for their execution.

Besides the sheer irresponsibility of Sessions ridiculous and nauseating statement, Sessions barbaric assertion reveals a disdainful sense that Gitmo detainees are somehow less than human, deserving less than the basic human rights we perpetually call for a despotic country like China to extend to its prisoners.

An international military prison system that operates outside of any law and only at the whim of the executive branch in which torture is systemically used as an interrogation tool is bad enough--the hideous legacy for which history will best remember the Bush Administration. But apparently, for Sessions, this is not enough. What the military should be doing is rounding people up and capping them. Chalk one up for the forces of barbaric totalitarianism.

clintpatty said...


Anonymous said...

Dat dere boy Sessions wunt brought up proper.

This is actually a good thing. Why?
He is a disaster waiting to happen, perhaps he will be the Republicans final disaster, wrecking the Right beyond repair, further making the far right an even bigger laughing stock. Look, we have Limbaugh, Hannity, Colter..uh remember Judge Roy Moore? This is just an example of how these people..or any extremist, put on this mask of "upstanding moral fiber" and turn out in the end to be victims of their own hypocrisy.

I listen to a lot of the so called "right wing". What I find is that they are very limited in their context and they do not allow themselves the flexibility in though to actually have an compelling conversation. I have come to see that people pushing an ideal that is so rigid tend to break themselves.

The same goes for the far left as well. Oh gosh....

Its like that old late 1800's video of the two trains colliding!

jimbob the bipolar political anal-ist