Friday, May 8, 2009

Know Your Rights: What to Do If You're Stopped by the Police

From the ACLU Website

To fight police abuse effectively you need to know your rights. There are some things you should do, some things you must do and some things you cannot do. If you are in the middle of a police encounter, you need a handy and quick reference to remind you what your rights and obligations are.

Print this page and carry it in your wallet, pocket, or glove compartment to give you quick access to your rights and obligations concerning police encounters.

Download a PDF here
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, but it still does not help when you are being questioned and harassed.

They need to have a card that is labeled "20 ways to outsmart the Huntsville police"

1. Say "what" a whole lot, pretend you are deaf
2. If on a bike, tell them that the bike "did it"
3. Tell them " I do not know why I am here and I do not know how I got here"
4. Tell them "See officer, I'm actually smarter than you, I know the capitol of New York"
5. Ask them even stupider questions as answers to their stupid questions
6. When the ask "where you got the bike" tell them how hard it is to pick bike locks.
7. If you are drinking and riding, tell them that beer actually makes you feel safer.
8. Tell them that your bike is a pipe bomb, and complain how they do not have bike racks next to the courthouse.
9. Tell them you have a big dick, and your dicks dick is bigger than their dick.
10. Ask them how many years of online criminal justice school they have attended.
11. Tell them that your college football team is far superior to their college football team
12. Ask them if they have ever tasted "baby"
13. Talk to them in "film references"
14. Bedazzle them...with a bedazzler
15.Ask them what cracker jack box their badge came in
16. Start telling them about your crack dealing neighbors and ask why you saw them coming out of the house zipping their pants back up and tucking in their shirt.
17. Start ranting about how terrorists and Alabama College football have confirmed ties
18. Tell them that you murdered Bear Briant, while dressed like a giant tiger.
19. Tell them you would be more than happy to go to jail because you "always wanted to see the new place you paid for"

and last but not least....

20. We pay their salaries, tell them they are fired.

Courtesy of Jim Spaz