Monday, May 18, 2009

Mayor Tommy Tallbike Ride

We are not going to republish the Huntsville Times or any of the other local news media reports here because they simply under reported the number: I counted over 200 at the ride.

WHNT: Dozens of Cyclist
Huntsville Times: 120 cyclist

The one thing we did notice is the News Media and the Tall Bikes. All the TV channels showed the Tallbikes!!!! It looks like Dustin,Tyler and the Tallbikes were shown much more than the sea of yellow and spandex!!!

So Huntsville may now be known as the Tallbike City instead of the recreational and brightly clad city of cyclist.

This is a good thing:)


Tyler said...

Nice next year we get Tommy Battle on a Tallbike

the milkman said...

Thanks to everyone for doing their part and making this event a great success!!! Whatever spin the major media wants to put on it. I think Battle had a great time and we impressed a lot of city reps through sheer numbers, organization, and overall good energy of a not-so-sunny day. We can nit-pick about particulars we can improve on for next year, i.e. letting the kids lead the pack, etc, etc. but, I feel that stuff shouldn't put a damper on the day. I think the powers that be understood the meaning of the ride and knew we had our shit straight. We should have no trouble organizing for next year. That said, I think we should go BIG. I'll man the snow cone machine and feed the critters at the petting zoo.

Tyler said...

Well put milkman can't wait for next year

the milkman said...

I have to say Tyler and Dustin's tall bikes, Vic's sidecar bike, the guy with the unicycle, the blue-vello speed machine, the recumbents, all the bikes with trailers and children, and that awesome child tandem bike took this ride above and beyond what I believe the city expected from us (meaning, the cycling community). It certainly made a great impression on me.
If I didn't know our community and saw this happening, I'd want to get involved!

iluvmilkofmagnesia said...

The Huntsville Times did say in the caption "Bicycles of all sorts" this means people of all sorts not just clubs. I did notice a lot of people in spandex wearing their gang colors.

Who is this SCCC bike gang?

shutupalready said...

STFU, n00b.

Anonymous said...

The ride was good!

I feel like the kids should lead next time. Tommy's too fast. Perhaps he was late for another BBQ.

With Uma in tow I could see that she was having just as much fun as I was.

Thanks a bunch for providing my kid a great experience!



beardsarefun said...

kids love those trailers - i wish my folks had them when i was a kid. we ended up breaking the sidecar bike but its repairable and will roll once more.

Peter said...

It is wonderful that this came together. Sorry I wasn't able to be there. You guys rock!

clintpatty said...

I should have brought my trailer and something clever on it. It would have been a mower and tiller if they weren't so far away.

Bello Velo said...

Dancing pole!!!! Clint. Dancing Pole!!!!!!

clintpatty said...

wow that's a lot better than what i had; um Jim Spag do you know anyone that can help with this?