Friday, May 1, 2009

Nashville May 3rd

One of the stated objectives of the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride is to promote bike smarts and street savvy.

"The goal of the ride is to show recreational and fitness riders that bikes are a great choice for transportation, too," event founder Josh Kravets said in a news release.

After reviewing some photos from last year's Seattle ride, I have my doubts. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

I suppose the bike savvy part comes in where teams of two navigate city streets, plotting their own routes to checkpoints around town. The checkpoints are where teams confront obstacles such as riding a big-wheel course, Bike Jousting, the Keg Walk and Inflatable Slides.

The first team to hit all the checkpoints and cross the finish line wins a pair of New Belgium Brewing cruiser bikes.

A solar generator powers the event, a bio-diesel truck delivers gear and nearly all waste is compostable or recyclable.

"This event gives us the chance to promote cycling for transportation and to show people some of the opportunities for sustainable living available in their community," Kravetz said. Sponsor New Belgium is known for being wind-powered, and also boasts of other conservation measures.


marshmallow said...

I'll be there. See you suckas at the finish line/beer tent