Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fixed Gear, Single Speed, Cruiser? I don't know!

It's the bike with the style and geometry of a fixed gear track bike, BUT WAIT A MINIUTE!!! Yes it has a coaster break just like the bikes we all enjoyed as kids. Only now you no longer have to pedal around on your 50 pound beach cruiser from the middle of the 20th century. You can now enjoy a light weight single speed bicycle with no cables or pesky derailers to constantly adjust

by OSOBIKE more here


the milkman said...

This is SWEET! Check out the spokes.

Tyler said...

yeah for what it is it's not bad

Anonymous said...

not a fixed gear
not a hand brake
the only real brake
is a coaster brake

the milkman said...

Yeah, it's about the only was a loser like me can learn to skid stop! Ha!

clintpatty said...

If you can keep your weight to the rear and apply as much pressure as possible in a full circle without skidding it will be effective at stopping due to higher friction.