Friday, June 5, 2009

New draft map of NolaCycle data

From NolaCycle

Here's a new draft map of the NolaCycle data. It's just for a small area because we're planning on taking a different approach to digitizing the data than originally planned. I'll post the information on some upcoming digitizing/graphics meetings for July later in the month. If you're into computer programming or GIS, then those will be the meetings for you!

In the mean time, check this map out. From this map you can design your own custom routes. NolaCycle will be doing some recommended routes as well (likely will have a "data map" and a "route map" when it's all said and done), but I didn't feel comfortable drawing up recommended routes without being able to double-check them physically before posting them online. If you see any errors with the data on this map, leave a comment or e-mail me so I can make the corrections.


Lauren Rae Sullivan said...

Hey Bello - my poster for the project is online now too. You might want to check it out.

Tyler said...

Very nice poster!!! GREAT WORK!!!

Bello Velo said...

Nice!!! I wonder how long this took and how many people?

Lauren Rae Sullivan said...

The project start in July 2008. We've collected the data on almost every street in our study area (minus some pretty industrial or empty areas). We did all that by April 2009. It's hard to say exactly how many volunteers we had because we didn't actually count (we should have...), but there are 3 organizers and probably 60 mapping volunteers? We have a handful of people that same out pretty often and a lot of people that came out once or twice just to map the area near their home.

I think we should have the "big" map done by the end of the summer, but I'll have a small route map up I'm doing for the Crescent City Farmers Market by the end of July. There will be about 4 to 8 people involved in the map production. That group will be coming together in July. A few local business owners have told me they want to get involved in distribution/promotion once the map is complete, so that'll be another small group carrying out that task.

I guess when you figure in all the different ways people have been involved (volunteering, advising, promoting, funding support), about 100 people have been involved in the NolaCycle project.