Wednesday, July 22, 2009

26-mile trail for Scottsboro?

Now I am not one for Greenways,but here are a few things that are interesting.
1: Money
2: How they connect these to make them commuter usable (complete streets)
3: Retired forward thinking engineer.
4: No committee and 20 people showed up to support it.
5: Unanimous support from their city council.
6: 26 miles nothing to sneeze at.

TVA requested hearing due to location near Roseberry

SCOTTSBORO - Jim Olyniec of Scottsboro presented a proposed 26-mile biking, walking and hiking trail at a public hearing Monday night that would connect schools and shopping centers.

Olyniec is a retired engineer who volunteered to design the trail for the city.

I believe in this project," he said. "I'll devote whatever resources I can to make it work."

Several of about 20 people who showed up for the hearing spoke favorably of the plan. No one spoke in opposition to it.

The Tennessee Valley Authority required the hearing because a portion of the proposed trail goes through its land along Roseberry Creek. read more here
also note: To provide comments on the proposed trail or for more information, e-mail Olyniec at


inc123 said...

I'm duly impressed! Surely bike trails do get more people cycling, eventually in other venues.

I like the non-bureaucracy/non-committee method best because it fits my personal belief system of personal responsibility and action. But sometimes it is whatever works but often it comes down to being too many cooks in the kitchen.

I hope this will inspire other small towns to step up and act too.


inc123 said...

HSV is making changes to the various concrete creeks. I wish the city would add a path or lane beside them. The land is there, the routes are mostly off road, and costs would be minimal...They could be more functional than greenway pretty.

Bello Velo said...

Nice Idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the trail did not come soon enough for one avid cyclist in Scottsboro that was killed today in an accident.