Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bicycle, pedestrian plan open to public comment

Hey Nascar (Huntsville) even Nashville get's it!!! PEDESTRIANS AND CYCLISTS

Most roads in and around Nashville get a grade of D for serving pedestrians and cyclists.

That was the finding of the Nashville Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is wrapping up work on a regional transportation plan through 2035. Bicycling and walking will be included, and the public can learn more and help set priorities for sidewalks, greenways and bike lanes at meetings next week.

"We can see what people want, look at existing facilities, look at what is planned," said Leslie Meehan, who is developing the walk/bike part of the plan. "That's where we can develop priorities. … Where should we be putting dollars to help people get around?"

Planners have found a lot of demand for places to walk and bike.

It was amazing to me. Fifty to 60 percent of people walk or bike at least once a month," Meehan said, referring to a survey of 1,700 residents. "With just a little change … that would jump to 80 percent. There's a huge desire out there."

Nashville's Green Ribbon Committee has set a goal for everyone to have access to two ways to get around — a private vehicle and then mass transit, walking or biking.
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