Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last in the US and Proud!!!!!

Can't Blame Mississippi for this. Keep in mind why we are at the bottom. The good news is more Brac more wack drivers!!!!Maybe a new motto "Pro Life as long as you can afford a Truck or SUV" Almost a year has passed and the Share the Road Sign are still not finished!!!!
From HSV Times

Thoughtless driver

My son was riding his bike on South Bailey Cove/Green Cove around 3:30 p.m. on July 6 and was struck by a red SUV (maybe a Jeep) while crossing the street. The car was traveling north and struck the front tire of the bicycle on the passenger side front bumper of the vehicle.

The person driving did not stop and I have to wonder what were you thinking? Did you wonder if he was hurt? Did you even think about what just happened? Have you thought about it since?

I really find it unconscionable that someone could strike a child on a bike and just keep going as if nothing happened. Really, what were you thinking?

Kelly M. Evans,
Huntsville, 35803


Tyler said...

wow this is fucked up....when is the city going to do something.

Raleigh Lowbrow said...

Hell, I try to hit at least three kids before lunch on Wednesday's (it's hump day for God's sake, gotta do sumptin to get thru the week). I don't aim to kill or else I'd stop every time to take pictures. You know all thumbs and smiles, Guantanamo style. Hell, I love America and the kids gotta learn early to not trust and hate everyone they see. How the hell else are we gonna get are economy back in action? That's what I ask, you pinko commie cycle riders of the apocalypse. This whole blog thing is damn unAmerican if you ask me. God bless Alabama, and God bless my right to hit children with my Tundra!!
You got a problem with this? I'm at Mullins every morning from 5:30 - 7. Bring it queer!

Leela the Kid said...

this is awful. the city emphasizes cyclist education and seems to think telling people to put on a helmet solves everything- what good is all of that with no education and outreach to motorists and signage that they actually can see. I was riding on meridian to work today and a car yelled at me to get on the sidewalk as they turned into a parking lot. i swung back and talked to the woman (nicely) and she had no idea 1. that i'm supposed to be on the road 2. that there were share the road signs put up by the city on the very road we were on. she said she was yelling at me because she was worried I would get hit....

I think we need to go to city council - bring up this incident with a child and a hit and run and the fact that it is almost a year since the city said they would get signs up.

Bello Velo said...

I think in the mean time we should all bombard them with emails and phone calls. You incident should be reported also. If they are not going to do anything keep them busy on the phone and email.

If you email BASC they will say we have to call the city etc etc... So don't bother that gardening club.

At least they are listening to us!!!!

Maybe picketing City Hall would be better or we just sign up at every meeting and report all incidents. We could have cyclist report to us and we can go and read them at city council.

New Mayor same old shit.

HelloVello Highbrow said...

Maybe sending the politicans the BikeWise map of HSV could (possibly) help some of our local political representatives to visualize the problem areas in their respective areas and the city as a whole.

The more accurate cyclists make the BikeWise maps, and the more marked up they are, the better. Public, visual, and detailed reminders of the failings of the laws and culture to adequate address needs and ensure safety.