Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gallup Poll: Alabama most conservative state

Alabama is the most conservative state in the nation, according to a Gallup Poll.

The poll says that 49 percent of Alabamians polled identified themselves as conservative. Alabama was followed by Mississippi, where 48 percent identified themselves as conservative, according to the poll released Aug. 14.

Others on the top 10 conservative list are: Utah, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, all at 47 percent; South Carolina, 46 percent; North Dakota, 45 percent; and South Dakota, Idaho, and Wyoming, all at 44 percent.

The District of Columbia, which had the fewest people identifying themselves as conservative, was ranked as the place where the most people identified themselves as liberal. Massachusetts, Vermont, Oregon, Washington, New York, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, and Connecticut round out the top 10 liberal states in the poll.


Anonymous said...

Great. Bama, number one land for the fat and boring.

Tyler said...

We always seem to hit the extremes. We are at the top or bottom when ever it is the worst place to be.

What the fuck is wrong with us it just like the Gladiator wine . Which by the way I bought on an Impulse while at liquor store in Tennessee because it was on the counter. The clerk agreed with me that Alabama was "fucking backwards" for banning the wine, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the label. When state of Tennessee, who brought us great things like " The Klu Klux Klan" (please not the sarcasm nothing great about the KKK) calls us backwards you know we have some serious problems.

So please please wake the fuck up. As a person who was born here and has lived here 27 years I am ashamed to go out of state and tell people where I am from when they ask.

Anonymous said...

Conservative? Yeah right.

The US as a whole AL included is so far out in left field it's a joke.

Ray-Gun's huge debt, oil as a main source of fule [We ran out in the 70's]

Conservative would be a sound economic and energy policiy packege. [and you CAN NOT seperate the two]

But we [the US, AL ect..] want death by Oil?

So you don't have to tell me to "Love it or leave it" cuz I just locked myself in a cheap hotel room with the intention of smoking crack until my heart exploades.

It's the "Conservative" thing to do...