Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nashville parks enforce bicycle speed limit as walkers, cyclists clash

From the Tennessean

So as Cyclist we have it bad and those of us who are pedestrians on a regular basis we have it really bad but, in Nashville it's a different situation completely.

A clash between "Tour de France wannabes" and "iPod-deaf roadblocks" has park police warning cyclists to slow down and walkers to stay in the slow lane on Nashville's greenways.

Park police trained radar guns on cyclists on three greenways Saturday.

They weren't there to write speeding tickets, says Capt. Rich Foley, park police commander.

The aim is to teach riders about the new 15 mph speed limit on the walk/bike paths and encourage riders and walkers to share the space.

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Anonymous said...

I don't like it when pedestrians don't use the pedestrian lane for no reason on the greenways here. I've been on the Indian Creek one before with people apparently not paying attention to anything, including the surroundings or traffic, and had to use my brake horn.

Tyler said...

this is exactly why our city should not think a greenways as solution to bicycle commuting. Greenways are for recreation not transportation.

Anonymous said...

and most of them are designed to flood, so at best it's for fair weather commuting