Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Working Class Cyclist Killed by Wealthy CEO

I know they are Canadian and they are Socialists, but they do seem to "act" more civilized than us. Oh and their evil government is already setup to charge him. USA was 15th and 25th in reading and math respectively compared to other countries. Canada was ranked 3rd in both areas! Wait you can make more money here in the USA right?

The cyclist killed Monday in a collision with a car on Toronto's Bloor Street has been identified as Darcy Allan Sheppard, 33.

Originally from Edmonton, Sheppard worked for a city courier service and was also the father of an infant son.

Sheppard, who worked for a courier company, was the father of an infant son.
Michael Bryant, a former Ontario attorney general and the current CEO of Invest Toronto, has been charged with criminal negligence causing death and dangerous driving causing death. read more here


Anonymous said...

huh? being wealthy amongst socialists made him kill an infant?
Jerks aren't universal?

Tyler said...

you should read this link here the stories vary greatly depending on the source cited. The story cited in the post dose not give enough details about the incident only the aftermath. The charges of criminal negligence against the Sheppard are completely bullshit. Reading the details and the statements taken from witnesses this was clearly murder. I do encourage everyone who is interested in this article to read multiple articles. Many of the details are unclear and the media most likely jumped to conclusion to soon. Those of us in Huntsville can relate to this, and as always I am sure more detail will come out later. The worst part of this is that a young man had to loose his life while another man of great wealth and power will never face the consequences of his actions.

lookfurther said...

In Huntsville no one is being penalized for killing, maiming, or harming cyclists WITHOUT any regard to wealth. Wealth is irrelevant here apparently. Everyone is free to harm cyclists. My guess is that that is pretty widespread only it is easier to hate the wealthy and place blame based on socio-econmic class or ethnic groups instead of character of the individual involved. Doesn't that say horrible things about our society. Reverse racism is ok? Perhaps you know that this man was not charged because of money? and not mafia ties or clout or anything else? I doubt it. It's really not ok to hate an blame any group, instead look at the individual.

Bello Velo said...

The point of my comments and the article are "Justice" plain and simple. I really don't buy into the reverse racism bit and it does not apply here. What does apply and the point I was making is that here in HSV we are outraged when someone like Sarah or Carlos are killed and not so much when people like Rodney are killed and this sensibility that one life is more valued because of wealth or status is the issue. So to clear this up that in Canada a messenger or homeless person is afforded some bit of "Justice" and here in the US, rarely is anyone held accountable for their actions towards a pedestrian or a cyclist regardless of wealth or status. Maybe this makes us equally intolerant.

The mentality here is they are important people on their way to their important jobs and those who choose not to live this lifestyle are just in the way. I think this is clear by the comments on the blog.

Did anyone prefix Carlos or Sarah as Homeowners? No ,but we dehumanize those with indifference by calling them homeless or disadvantaged.