Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5 million that could have been used for.....

Public Transportation, Schools, I think you get the point. I wonder if Ms. Moon is against relocating these people to South Huntsville? Seems like the bigger crime here is with the corporations that are poisoning people. I guess blaming it on the poor is sexier. Check out the comments on al.com the fucktards are at it again.

HUNTSVILLE, AL. -- State agents found potentially hazardous fuel byproducts near public housing downtown, launching a cleanup that could take a year and cost up to $5 million.
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management this month found the contaminants in the soil around seven buildings at Searcy Homes, which sits downtown near the old railroad depot.
The property, once home to the Huntsville Manufactured Gas Plant, now belongs to the Huntsville Housing Authority. On Monday, during a board meeting, the authority made public the findings and announced a three-way agreement to clean up the area.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will supervise the cleanup. Alagasco, which long ago merged with the company that had operated the plant, will hire the cleanup crew and foot most of the bill. The authority will handle public relations and relocate families during the cleanup.

Susan Delenne, spokeswoman for Alagasco in Birmingham, said the investigation could continue for some time, but that removal of the contaminants is expected to be completed by the end of 2010. more here


Tyler said...

I don't understand why government agencies should be paying for any of this clean up. The gas company that made money from the production of gas for so many years should have to pay the entire bill of the clean up. Not to mention it is completely irresponsible of the Housing Authority to have built homes at the site of a former gas plant with out conducting extensive soil test prior to construction of homes.