Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another person from our community has been killed by a car

In another fatality, Henry James Luhana, 49, was riding his bicycle near Washington Street and East Arbor Drive at about 2:14 a.m. Saturday when he was struck by an unknown vehicle, Webster said.
Luhana is the third bicycle rider killed on city streets in the last 13 months.
Horace Fletcher, 59, was killed in November when the bicycle he was riding collided with a van on Pulaski Pike.
In September 2008, Sarah Chapman, 20, was killed when the bicycle she was riding collided with a sport utility vehicle on Technology Drive.

Let's hold the media responsible too. This is where the "public" gets some of there twisted ideas from.
Now instead of just bitching do something. The reporters name and number is: You can contact Keith Clines at 532-4236 or at


Tyler said...

The wording of this article is horrible. Sara did not collide with an SUV. She was struck from behind will and an ignorant woman reached for her cellphone that had fallen to the floor. This ignorant media needs to list the facts and fully report events.

Anonymous said...

Its not your fault when someone is killed on the road. It's not our fault either. That's just the way it is. It's risky and that's part of being on the road. We have to right to sit in our living room at the wheel. No one is really responsible for deaths that occur when driving.

Why is this accepted? If football was the number one killer of people up to 35, there wouldn't be kids playing it anymore.

stickler said...

Was that supposed to be sarcasm? "living room at the wheel" makes me think so, but I have to question you because we in AL are still in the stone age when it comes to consideration of others.

What's the number one killer of people up to 35? At large, it's heart disease, or more broadly, obesity. Vehicular accidents are a top killer of teenagers, but I've never seen statistics showing evidence of your assertions here. You were implying that driving was the number one killer of people under 35, right?

Sorry to pick on your post here, but the way I initially read it made it seem to me as though you were defending the driver.

Maybe I need more coffee and new sarcasm glasses.

This kind of reporting in local media illustrates again what we face in popular perception of cycling. It's a damn shame, but it's a pervading problem that's ingrained in our culture.

Too bad journalism isn't taught at journalism school.

Bello Velo said...

It is very sad that people who choose not to drive a car end up being killed by them.

What can you expect from our media here? Obviously not much the reporter is a "Traffic" report and will only report from and Automotive point of view. He could be educated by his colleagues.

Now instead of just bitching do something. The reporters name and number is: You can contact Keith Clines at 532-4236 or at

Leela the Kid said...

Called Keith Clines; he is out of town until Wednesday. Left a message on his voicemail, posted on and will send an email as well. Maybe we can all make sure that he has a nice full inbox and voicemail when he gets back?

Anonymous said...

Does Keith Clines try to play a game of chicken with us on the road for being in the middle of the lane?

Tyler said...

this guy is a douche

Tyler said...

I apologize about my grammar in the first post. I was educated in Alabama.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't educated in Alabama and I think he is a jackass.

Anonymous said...

Oakwood is a death trap. It needs another light between washington and the parkway as a traffic slowing device.

Ghost bikes on every major intersection of the parkway, aka oakwood,sparkman,governors, airport and those southside intersections especially. One day, 10 junk bikes, 10 cans of white spray paint. lets do it.