Thursday, October 22, 2009

BASC public forum

Open Forum Coming up on Wednesday October 28th

This is just a reminder that Huntsville's BASC (Bicycle Advisory and
Safety Committee) is hosting a public forum.

This is your opportunity to brainstorm and think of cycling-related issues
we can discuss. List problems you have encountered as a cyclist in
Huntsville; think of ideas that may be solutions to these problems. We
want your constructive input on how BASC can work to better meet cyclists’

We are here to represent you - the cycling community of Huntsville. It is
our job to listen to your concerns and work to make Huntsville a more
bicycle-friendly city. In order for us to effectively do this, we need
your valuable feedback.

You can also post comments/ideas on the BASC blog at

I hope to see you all there!


What: Public Forum Meeting

Who: Hosted by BASC and open to all citizens concerned with bicycling
issues in the Huntsville area.

When: October 28th, 5:00 PM

Where: City Council Chamber


dav said...

can't come could you list completed tasks and open items?

Derek Johnson said...

Bike racks at Calhoun.
Clean bike lanes on providence.

Peter said...

@dav - Working on it. Got a hard copy of the last forum and in the process of posting it soon. As far as completed tasks and open items, all the minutes from previous meetings are posted on

@Derek - Please post your comments on so we have record of it.



Anonymous said...