Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can you say ASSHOLE

Jon Stewart slams Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions on Daily Show over rape amendment vote.

Comedy Central's Jon Stewart fired a broadside at Mobile Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions Wednesday on "The Daily Show" over Sessions' vote against a Defense spending bill amendment that would have barred the federal government from doing business with companies that ask employees to forgo their right to sue.

The amendment, which was put forward by Sen. Al Franken, D-Minn., stems from a 2005 incident where Haliburton/KBR employee Jamie Leigh Jones was gang-raped at a Baghdad work site and then left in a railroad container car for more than a day. Jones had signed a contract waiving her right to sue in court but instead take any claims to an independent arbiter.

The Huffington Post Web site reported on the on-air pounding from Stewart over the vote.

Sessions, and Tuscaloosa Republican Sen. Richard Shelby, were among 30 Republicans who voted on Oct. 6 against the amendment. Sessions said during a floor speech that the government should not be in place to decide "such disputes."

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clintpatty said...

I'm all for small government, but I don't see how Sessions justifies that. The government is the customer so they're in a place to decide whatever they want about such disputes.

Bello Velo said...

Jeff Sessions is a fucking joke, He is not for small government he is for rape,halliburton and big business. I hope he chokes on his grits while giving Shelby a reach around.

Tyler said...


clintpatty said...

Yeah maybe that is true of more Republicans than I want to believe, even ones that like to seem more libertarian than neocon. Sessions has had a bad year for trying to be/look libertarian.

Bello Velo said...

In fairness there are a some dems in this too. Parker Griffith for one. It would be nice if the libertarian's were a little more diverse and maybe younger too. Sessions is just an old Dixie Crat and is more about Big Business than doing the right thing.

This issue is about privatizing the war and the fact that you can not have a criminal trial because Halliburton and KBR make you sign a contract saying you can not take this to court it has to be done by arbitration. So now corporations are doling out justice while keeping the eye on the bottom line. This is not democracy it is corporatism.

She was Gang Raped and democrat or republican, she deserves her day in court.