Friday, October 16, 2009

Cyclist Hit Last Night

First off he was ok just a bruised shoulder.

From Ken Kobayashi :

I was going eastbound on Old Madison Pike, just west of Diamond Dr, around 6:20 pm. I was on the right side of the outer lane, and with my taillights on. I was hit from the rear. By the time I noticed the headlights rapidly approaching in the rearview mirror, it was too late to do anything.

The driver said she didn't see me until the last second, when she tried to swerve but didn't make it. She didn't say *why* she didn't see me, I can't think of any good reason as the road had good visibility and my vehicle has large reflectors in the rear in addition to the taillight.

The police officer did say the car driver was at fault, but also made comments about how he'd seen me on the road many times and it's hard to see me because I'm so low. He also knew that I'd been hit before, and made sure I gave him the same vehicle information that I gave "to the other officer", which made me rather uncomfortable.


clintpatty said...

Glad you're ok Ken. I guess the Corvettes and Ferraris and such are partially responsible for getting rear ended by lifted trucks.

KK said...
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KK said...

And Miatas.

Tyler said...

this is probably the hardest bike to miss in the area but glad your ok the bike looks a little banged up.