Friday, October 16, 2009

Tyler Council Members Move To Expand City Bike Routes

Tyler Texas 108,772

Huntsville AL. 176,645

How were they able to get someone to the moon from here?????

The Tyler City Council approved extending existing bicycle routes and creating exclusive bicycle lanes along city streets to address traffic congestion and enhance opportunities for alternative, multi-modal transportation.

The council approved improvements will extend the existing bicycle route on Amherst Street, create new routes on Sunnybrook Drive, Copeland Road and Grand Street from the intersection of 29th street to the intersection of Mims Street and create exclusive lanes for cyclists on Amherst Street and Sunnybrook Drive. The project will be completed internally at an expected cost of $1,500 for 26 expected signs and striping.

"Traffic was the number one concern identified by our citizens during the Tyler 21 comprehensive planning process," said Mayor Barbara Bass in a statement. "We have taken several decisive actions since the plan's adoption two years ago to mitigate traffic congestion."

Mayor Bass said the new lanes and routes are part of the city's effort to develop alternatives to single vehicle trips.

The new bicycle routes are designated roadways where cyclists share the road with vehicular traffic and will be identified by striping.

Signage, warning vehicles of the likely presence of cyclists, has been placed along the routes for safety.

The additional routes were recommended by the city's Traffic Safety Board.

The expansion is based on the city's master street plan to incorporate multi-modal transportation, including cyclist and pedestrian routes, within future thoroughfare projects. The street plan will also identify current streets where additional routes are viable. Connectivity is the long-term goal of creating multi-modal routes, said Communication Director Susan Guthrie. Ms. Guthrie said the plan calls for connecting major employment and recreation areas with multi-modal transportation opportunities for the public.

Traffic Safety Board Chairman Butch Willingham said there has been an increase in bicycle traffic within the city and that providing lanes for cyclists will promote bicycle use and enhance safety.

"Our goal is to put an infrastructure in place that will encourage cycling and provide a measure of protection," he said in a statement. "This is a long range goal that will take years to accomplish; however these new routes are a big step."


Tyler said...

I've been to Tyler it's a nice town.

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