Thursday, November 12, 2009

L.A.’s Draft Bike Plan Enters “Civic Enragement” Phase

From Streetsblog Are they being negative or are they concerned citizens?

LA's Draft Bike Plan is a huge document of thin ambition, that relies on controversy over process to distract from the fact that it lacks vision, it lacks substance, and it lacks the teeth necessary to bring about any change

The Draft Bike Plan was released last week, an hour before the end of day on the eve of furlough Friday, giving city staff the opportunity to "drop and run" and providing a three-day cooling off period before they had to answer for the long overdue, hotly contested and controversial document.

Commissioned in December of 2007, the Bike Plan is part of LA's Transportation Plan which is an element of the city's General Plan. As the consultants so eloquently explained during the community workshops during March of 2008 that kicked off the Bike Plan process, the Bike Plan is a critical funding document that must be updated in order to qualify for funding. As for positioning it as a powerful visionary document with implementation teeth, city staff have never expressed such ambition. read more here