Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Green Council Town Hall that needs to hear from the Biking Community

We need to have a big turnout to this. Most people here think we need more recreational facilities for cyclist instead of addressing commuter cycling issues. The fact that they are talking about Complete Streets is a good start and the Mayor is much more involved with this council. Otherwise you can wait another 20 years for the current plan.

From Robin Cox

I am forwarding an invitation and asking you all (those that have the ear of the cycling community here in Hsv) to come along and/or send representatives to the upcoming town hall meeting next Saturday at 1pm at City Hall Auditorium. Its an opportunity to make/reiterate points of improving cycling and walking in our city as a function of the sustainability council's recommendations that are being formulated and will go to the mayor's office in February 2010.

There is a transportation sub-team working on those recommendations now and they need to hear from the bike community in a unified voice. See http://www.hsvcity.com/green/ for background. It is my opinion that we need some benchmark data on the numbers of cyclists - commuters vs. recreational riders and some goals for the future. Infrastructure to support those numbers will need to come through planning/engineering efforts. The Built environment team is proposing smart growth/code changes and I would like to see complete streets suggested/adopted or at least mentioned!!

Please feel free to contact/call me if you have questions or need further assistance. Please note the new address here in the heart of Hsv. One day I hope to be able to safely cycle for all my needs! Meridian street and Oakwood leave a lot to be desired at this point, though!



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Here's another good place to leave comments- especially in the series on the illegality of pedestrians & cyclists crossing Mem Pkwy.... Of course, some commenters just wish us much harm.


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FB's Complete the Streets link: