Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BOISE IDAHO Leads the way!!!!

BOISE - A nearly five hour Boise City Council meeting Tuesday evening ended with several new laws in place to protect cyclists and pedestrians. The changes contain three sections penalizing both reckless drivers and cyclists and nearly everyone at the city council meeting attended in support.

Drivers will now be expected to yield to cyclists at intersections, leave at least three feet of distance between bikes and cannot cut bicycles off when turning. Cyclists are now legally required to give a warning before passing someone on the sidewalk, dismount in crowded pedestrian areas and cannot ride recklessly swerving on and off of sidewalks.

"Motorists and bicycles have to share the road," said Michael Zuzel, member of a special city task force on cycling safety. "They have to share the responsibility for making the roads safe. That's why some of these ordinances would penalize motorists for their behavior and some would penalize cyclists for their behavior."

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