Friday, February 19, 2010

Cargo trikes are the new biodiesel delivery truck

By Jennifer L. Schwartz
One of my favorite local companies, Boston Organics, is hopping back on the bicycle bandwagon. Literally.
For local deliveries in close proximity to their Charlestown headquarters, Boston Organics will be using their new cargo trike to bring boxes of organic, local produce directly to customers’ doors.
Kudos to Cathy for powering the trike. I’m sure you’ll be well rewarded with some beautiful glutes.
Boston Organics isn’t the first company to employ pedal power. In fact, Jeff sought the help of Boston Pedicab to get started. You’ve seen the pedicab “drivers” around town… they wear fluorescent yellow shirts and are especially popular before and after Red Sox games.
Use these guys! It’s a huge step in reducing your company’s greenhouse gas emissions, plus you’re supporting a local business that’s doing real good for the community.