Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bike There


It even list all of the city bike routes and greenways. Thanks google


clintpatty said...

Would anyone seriously prefer a tool hosted on the city website that allows the user weight different factors such as hills, traffic when known, speed limit, number of lanes, type of road, taking a bike route, etc?

Bello Velo said...

Does Google Maps Bike there already provide this? If yes than no I see no point in having it twice. A Link to google maps would work.

Not sure if I fully understand the question.

clintpatty said...

Google maps has already made the decision on the weighting of different factors. For instance, it weights distance and elevation as more important than traffic as I understand it, which is not what I do when choosing a route. Consequently, it tells me to ride up Governors then down 431 to get to gramma's instead of using Cecil Ashburn. I told them to fix this specific problem. But if I tried to redo it, you would be able to weight the different factors and the route will be determined differently based on that.

I am currently not planning on doing that this semester even though Peter said he would like that tool. I'd like to help fix Google's tools as my project for this semester, but I doubt that will happen. Instead, I'm going to make a tool that will tell them which roads in the MPO urban area will most need infrastructure improvements based on predicted growth, road density, etc. An intermediate product of this will be a road suitability map, which Marjorie says is quite useful. Would you use a road suitability map, and do you think it would be good for new cyclists?