Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Unite Bike

Now in it’s 3rd official year Unite Bike 2010 is going global!
The idea behind Unite Bike is simple. It is about promoting and supporting a community of individual people who make the choice everyday to participate in an activity that is good for their health, good for the environment, and helps create a better society at large.
Unite Bike is a test of whether our generation really believes in one another and the world we are struggling to create. This fall we can show the best of ourselves, and in the process help create the kind of society we all aspire to, even if only for the brief moment of time it takes to create a photograph.
Biking is an individual and often solitary activity. So as a group of thoughtful, committed individual riders lets band together to Unite… Bike… and take a group photo to show the world what it means to make things better 2 wheels at a time. Let us join together to celebrate and confirm our humanity.
Sign up for the Unite Bike 2010 group photo in your city under the RSVP tab to find out the final location information.