Monday, September 24, 2007

cruiser vintage ride update

A HSV Times photographer came and took our pictures during the Vintage & Cruiser Bike Ride this afternoon. I'm afraid I didn't get her name, any one know it? so I can thank her & find out when they might be in the paper. We were riding around the Thrasher Fountain & around the new canal part of Big Springs when she caught up with us.

We had several first time attendees today, Bob Lipscomb, Jim from Madison Cycles, & Jim Spagnola, plus some of the regulars. Michelle Eccleston and her son, Paul got to show off their beautiful newly acquired orange folding bike, which turned out to be a duomatic, 2-speed, like my little Peugeot (the1969, duomatic, take-apart from 3rd grade in Munich).

Jim, from Madison Cycles, was riding a pretty red Peugeot road bike, not unlike my 8th grade blue Peugeot 10-speed, which has just been converted to a single speed for me to try out. Clint, Jacqy (Typhoon), Mike Wright & daughter, Mary also came on their tandem.

Some of the neighborhood kids on Adams just happened to have a lemonade stand today; it just added a little extra old-timey feel to our vintage/cruising family-friendly ride. Turned out to be a lovely day for a cruise to the malt shoppe.

We had all kinds of bikes- 10-speeds, a new cruiser, a 60s cruiser, two folding bikes, a tandem, etc. -- some of the bikes were a good bit older than our youngest three riders, and some of the bikes were still in the original owners' hands.

I will schedule another ride for late October. If it's cool/cold, we can substitute the malts for coffee & hot chocolate at one of the local coffee shops near by. (All bikes & cyclists welcome, conversational pace).

I'll download/ upload my pix tomorrow, for anyone interested in seeing them.



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