Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Safe Routes to School workshop news


I attended the safe routes to school workshop and must I say it was awesome. Let me explain the degree in which SR2S can help even us, in Bello Velo.

First i have made some connections with some state agencies that promote public health. One of the being the health department. Jaime from the department of education and health pretty much okay ed Life Cycles getting a supply of locks and helmets. I just have to write a short proposal and they will throw us some.

As I have been attending public health meetings and such I have really jumped on the bandwagon of cycling safety. For one, I am starting to wear my helmet on a regular basis and second I am much more aware of the illumination factor when riding at night.

I encourage bicycle safety, but not to the anal tunes of the SCCC, i still don't like them. Bicycling should still be fun and we should educated people on safety do they done end up like some of my friends, some of which have been badly maimed in bike wrecks.

Also for the next critical mass helmets and lights need to be addressed as well as safety as a group. We need a few people in key positions to make sure no one turns into a speed bump. So we need the following positions filled:

1. ride leader
2. 2 strong cyclists to stay on the sides with lights...the lights are important
3. a safety person in back who is fully lit (not drunk lit, but lumens lit)

Also the people who are involved more heavily in the events should be wearing helmets just to be a good example.

please reply with feedback so i know wtf is going on wit' all my homies

short j


clintpatty said...

I increase peloton visibility. I can't offer a SMV emblem this time, though. Maybe I'll try to have it for a next one so it sorta indicates that I'm at the end of an extended single slow moving vehicle of bicycles.