Thursday, September 6, 2007

Daley to check out Paris' bike-rental idea

September 5, 2007
A Paris program that allows residents to rent a bicycle on one side of town and drop it off miles away could be duplicated in Chicago if Mayor Daley has his way.

Daley is so interested in the bike drop-off program and its potential to promote energy conservation, he's planning to stop off in Paris to discuss it with his counterpart there on the way back from Italy.

The mayor plans to travel to Italy today for the second time in three months -- this time to deliver a speech on how to move cities forward.

Daley will join the prime minister of Egypt, former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge and former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres as featured speakers at the 33rd annual forum "Intelligence on the World: Europe and Italy."

The mayor's trip will be paid for by a management consulting firm with headquarters in Milan.


Anonymous said...

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