Thursday, September 20, 2007

flyer status

here is where we have flyers now. we should update these next week.
Bandito Burrito
Flying Monkey
Petes Boyz BBQ
Outdoor Omnibus
World Conspiracy
Monte Sano bikers lot.
Olde Towne Coffee

Other places need to be done
The Nook on Bob Wallace
Vodoo Lounge
House Of Brews
Kaffee Klatsch
Star Market

add to comments and I will update the list.
Also word of mouth is good too.


clintpatty said...

I have already posted some flyers at UAH. Where do we want more of them? An SCCC officer who does not like critical mass even though she has not seen/participated in the Huntsville one has requested that we not put any flyers on cars. I was at Kaffe Klatsch and Aromas recently but didn't think to post flyers :(

Bello Velo said...

I say ignore her and do it anyway.
those other two are good ones. Make sure we do them at eye level if possible.


clintpatty said...

I'll try to see about Aromas by this weekend. Are there any other places in that Target shopping center area (like within a 1 mile radius also, not just the shopping center) that I should get? I asked her about particular issues she had with the last one and such, so I don't want to put flyers on cars now. It's against UAH regulation. We can do nothing she'll like, but hopefully we can keep the between-cyclists animosity down.

Anonymous said...

but I'll admit Jim's Kia was looking like it needed a flyer before I realized that it was Jim's and he prolly already knew about the CM

Bello Velo said...

I would ask everyone to quit telling me about sccc. they are depressing and should just be ignored.

This is some silly shit and we all have one thing in common we want to ride. so put an extra flyer up and ignore that......expletive.

ash said...

Update: There are big flyers and little pick-up ones at Olde Towne