Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vintage & Cruiser Bicycle Ride:

Sunday, Sept. 23rd/, 2:30pm
Meet in the front of HSV Middle School on Adams. Please meet 15 minutes before departure.
Conversationally paced ride through the downtown & Historic areas, around Big Springs & off to Sonic for malts.
Families welcome-- kids must be street safe.
Helmets required. Bring snack money.


clintpatty said...

Non-vintage and non-cruisers are also welcome if you don't have either of those.

Anonymous said...

I don't see the point of this ride. I mean come on now, no fast paced action packed testostorone pumping competition?

If I come, I will race all of you on my super-lux carbon fiber and titanium Merlin with my super high zoot dura ace components.

I will beat all of you, and sweat all over the road so all you slow pokes can slip in my superjuice.

-B.G. Hemroid
SCCC gonad gulpers

Anonymous said...

oh you will be there. you ensure drinking, doping, bike racer person. Oh and you have a bad attitude and a frown.