Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bike Swap


Lets organize a bike swap soon. Think about it. I am speaking with my contact in B-ham who has over 50 vintage bikes, we may be rounding up a statewide bike swap for sometime early next year, it will be everything bike...advocacy and all. Locally though, lets do it. Ive got bikes to sell and parts to trade..lets make it a show too combined with a film. I know we talked about using Lowe Mill to possibly do this, lets use some other building...Ill be scoping that out while scoping out other scopie things.

put it is your brain!

If we were an actual organization, this would be a fund raising opportunity as well as a "action item" but since we are not this is just one of those many ideas that will probably never happen because we lack cohesive organizational skills that utilize intricate communications patters to amass the proper resources for said action item.



inc123 said...

Swap?? I need, I need, I want....

I need a duomatic, 1st choice is another Peugeot demountable duopmatic but will consider others.

Jacqy needs a BSA WW2 Paratrooper

Interested in: Garton & other vintage tricycles. oh, and anything cute.

Maybe I could swap my rollfast tandem being restored if someone just had to ahve it...

I'm pretty sure I need a banana seat type bike..

gosh, the world is full of mis-owned bikes I need.

inc123 said...

Make that duomatic, hard to spell at 5 am.

clintpatty said...

There's plenty of stuff I'm wanting. And I'm wanting to get rid of an intro road bike. $250 gets my fixed gear :-P

Anonymous said...

So do you want to help organize this and make it happen????