Wednesday, October 24, 2007

News you can use


Okay everyone, I need help. Saturday Night-Manna fixing madness. I know people rarely volunteer unless something is in it for them so here you go...I will oder pizzas and buy beer if i can get more than me and clint to fix bikes there. I have over 100 bike that need to be fixed or scrapped, whaddya say?
and for you that fear jesus freaks, there will be none there to spontaneously pray over Jim, you won't burst into flames.

We will talk friday night about it. I'm too edgy right now and I just erased a whole lot of bitching. i'm mad mad at the world, madder than can ever be, madder than Tyler at a restaurant, Madder than Bill going fro the gold, Madder than the SCCC because we did not change the name of critical mass to the "downtown wussie ride", madder than a Democrat that think Nancy Pelosi was actually going to get off her ass and change things, Madder than a black person sharing a joint with a white person and getting caught and going to prison for life while whitey goes home without charges, Madder than the Iyatolah Khommanhi that he did not nuke the US earlier when he was alive, Madder than mother Teresa that the new pope is a complete douchbag, Madder than an Irish person who I just referred to as "scottish", Madder then Al Sharpton that the Geno 6 is such a load of racist bullshit, Madder that the right wing Christians that though President bush was actually hearing directions from God when actually he was having a cocaine induced hallucination, Madder than single mom who has just found out that money for a program that would help her out of her situation has been spend on putting new blinky lights on a missile, madder than a poor country trailer trash learning that he can no longer burn his Wal-mart over packaged plastic bullshit in his backyard, Madder than the same country fucker who just had his license pulled for his Eldorado failing emission tests. Madder than that poor homeless man who has to hold that sign all day because the president pulled 3 billion dollars from federal assistance programs for disabled veterans.

Nation, I am pissed, pissed at the state of america, pissed that so much is wrong yet people choose to lose themselves in video games and internet porn.

So come join me an Manna house to witness my wrath...all in the name of fun.:)

-jim spaggggg


inc123 said...

My, that is mad, but in a sane kind of mad way. Not the mad, mad way.

Not sure how I can help. MY bike fixing skills are pretty limited, though I do know how to change a tire. I can un-rust? Just what do you need the mechanically un-minded to do? Maybe I can round up some helpers.

When & where & all that.

Yeah, I'm allergic to both preying & praying alike.