Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bike polo

Bike polo is only the most awesome sport ever. This week we are going to play a real game, we just have to decide on a day.

The "hardcore awesome cyclists all-american elitist destroyers club" have convened over the matter and decided that bike polo is better than sex on shag carpeting, therefore it is law, sorta like circumcision.

So come play polo and receive the following:

Broken ball sack and bleeding testes
Swollen labia
blisters on your hands
gravel in your shoes
broken toenails
nipple pasties
skid marks in your underpants

but most of all the boos of confidence that comes with playing the greatest sport all of creation and beyond (that means bike polo cannot be overruled by any future thought, idea or act of divine creation)

Bike polo is greater that the sun...in fact if the sun burnt up bike polo would replace to visible light spectrum.

So I think I (jim spagg) can do it Friday night, would be nice it that was the final destination of the ride! Besides I'm busy with work and school until then..oh yeah i'm also bust misspelling words and misusing the English language.

Until then, be nice to each other because we all need a little love.

yours truly,

jim 'pansy annihilator' spagnola