Monday, December 10, 2007

Day at the Races

CHUNK 666's very own Big Bear has been moonlighting on the Team Beer cyclocross squad for over a year now, always, 'course, on a muhfuggin CHUNK bike. He has built several cross-choppers in this time, the weekly races exerting an almost tidal pull on his creative faculties, like the urge to migrate in whales, or the super strength bestowed on oneself by PCP.

B. built the cross bike and aerodynamic helmet featured above from absolute scratch less than 24 hours before his race - it was oh so many small pieces at 3:00 pm on Saturday and the next thing you knew Big B. was riding to a house party later that night. It purportedly possessed the quietest, straightest drive chain ever to roll off the CHUNK 666 factory floor, in spite of its seat and chain stays which approached a mind-blowing 3 feet long.

And then the Bear RACED it. And then he raced it AGAIN! He was hauling! It was INSANE. Totally and utterly insane. But then again, Big Bear can ride anything, so he rides everything.


Tyler said...

why aren't our races like this one what the fuck is wrong with you lazy mother fuckers????.....Oh yeah I am going to commute to work tomorrow 11.1 miles on my bike and plan to stop off at Sterns for coffee if anyone is interested in meeting me there for coffee conversation would be nice but I can watch the traffic drive by if no one is able to wake there lazy asses up and ride there bike for a morning coffee...just fucking I hope you guy/galls show up...and I won't even give you shit if you drive a car there : )

Bello Velo said...

What if we are busy pulling babies from burning cars or doing witchcraft ?

I'm scheduled to pull 12 babies from a total of 6 burning cars tomorrow and then I am doing 6 spells on suburban housewives so their cars full of babies will spontaneously explode. I know I keep myself very busy.

I might have a break from talking with Satan to come and talk to you, and I may be........yes........DRIVING!!!!!!


Bello Velo said...

Oh yeah, who is chunk, where is chunk from and if he is so cool why does he not come to out alley cat races? Is he local? Obviously not, judging from the size of that cyclocross race (And I did not see beefcake Matt in the crowd with his delectably pepperminty Christmas handlebars)

Just some positive questions. I feel so non-homosexually gay!

OOOH Thursday night Karaoke at Partners!!!! 8:00!!!

See you there!

Jim "the king of thongs" spagknowla

inc123 said...

I want a powder puff version (female friendly). On grass, injury-free.