Sunday, December 9, 2007

sunday happenings

so some one had the bright idea of having a alley cat today. I guess it is at 3pm @ house of brews. unless you all want to postpone it till next weekend when we can plan it.

There is also going to be bike polo afterwards.

Leave it in the comments if this is going to happen or you all want to postpone it.

Also tonight is the Posey Peep Show @ Lowe Mill 7pm see you there.


Tyler said...

i'll be there ready to race if enough people show up we will do it today if not we can just go for a ride and then do it next week

clintpatty said...

I would like to add for anyone who does not regularly ride in the rain, slow down today even if it means losing. Slightly wet roads are more slick than ones that have been rained on for a while. Turning a fixed gear requires more steering than a geared bike that can be counter steered, and you might be surprised with your front wheel sliding out from under you when you do this, even with track geometry.

Bello Velo said...

what the fuck! you worry to much. this ain't sunday school and we are not children. you are sucking all the fun into your vacuum of doom.

Bello Velo said...

well I was in a good mood until i read theses posts, not a lot of enthusiasm for todays alley cat.

I will stop by to see if anyone has showed up and will race even if its just 3 people, cuz I'm loyal to "the dark cloud society" that is bello velo. Ill come with my orange bike just to brighten up Tylers day, maybe Ill put it next to that bike of his with the happy bright yellow V's and we can all dance and braid 'dandylions' in each others hair.

In the sake of diplomacy, is there a chance that we can become more positive cyclists? I'm not suggesting we all dress up like Mickey Mouse but I ditched the angrier version of me years ago and part of the process was killing off some of my angry meth snorting friends. Maybe it was the meth, just maybe, but I like bicycling ,it is fun, can we hold on to the positive aspects of it?

For example we all know Clint is accident prone with all his distracting safety gear, but he adds that unique element of conformity to the law while himself being an anomaly of non-conformity. Interesting parellell, lets not drive him away by beating him with our fuck sticks.

I'm a happy guy, and Sundays are for happiness, because God made this day for relaxation and all day masturbating, gee gosh, don't you read your bibles?

jimmidy sunshine mutha fucka

Bello Velo said...

I think clint knows I am breaking his balls and it is all in good fun.

so fuck off:)

Mack Allison said...

well, i'll be there, just to ride, though I'd really like to race. It's too pretty to lay out this Sunday.

clintpatty said...

The first sentence of my other post exempted Tyler, as it was directed towards people who do not regularly ride their fixed gear in the rain. It was especially directed towards those who ride more rain-worthy bikes in the rain. And being safe isn't taking the fun out of it. Wearing a helmet doesn't take the fun out of cycling just like wearing a condom doesn't make sex boring. And I am more accident prone that probably anyone else reading this, but I'm not the only one that wrecks. I had a wreck that it still keeping me riding on 1 leg and not going to the alleycat or CM, and I don't wish that on anyone else.

Breaking each other's balls sometimes is fine by me, though. I guess that attitude doesn't get transferred over the internet as much as in person. I hated on Jim's new brakeless fixed gear a bit a while back, but not seriously. I think a lot of people hated on my deep bullhorns (note that I probably would not have had the aforementioned wreck if those bars will still on the bike at the time). But being positive and accepting (not just tolerant) is best for all of us. I'm reminded of a Wolfpack or whatever ride suggestion. A ride with a fast advertised pace that drops people who don't keep up is fine, but that should not carry over to Bello Velo. It's not like we're Black Label and have some sorta good reason to be exclusive.

Bello Velo said...

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Tyler said...

way to intense for me it was a fun race though and didn't even get violent